One Woman Shows
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The hilarious story of a single woman's journey down the aisle 7 times!

"Mary wears the various dresses that she has worn in her role as bridesmaid, remarking, assessing, inviting comment and playfully sending up the whole desparate need for perfectiong that drives a wedding from start to finish."



Exploring the journey towards your life's purpose, Mary reflects on the characters and scenarios she's engaged with and learnt from.

"School teachers, beauty counter assistants, corporate men all get the treatment - quick, exact portraits that strike to the essence."



Here she poses the question: when can we claim the hood? Celebrating the highs and lows on the journey from girl to woman.

"Every woman could and would identify with the joys, sadness, pathos, irony and problems and it will indeed be enjoyed by the men in the audience as well."


Inspired by a book that identifies 7 greek goddesses representing key archetypes of woman. Most of us lean towards one or two but the invitation is to unleash the entire rainbow that exists within

“I screamed with laughter as I recognised myself in Aphrodite’s flirtatious ways and my mother in the  indecision captured so perfectly by Mary’s portrayal of Persephone!”


Men's Room

How much do we really know about what goes on in the Men’s Room? Mary considers what she’s learnt from observing the men in her life. What goes on during their journey from boy to man and do we as women know their struggles? Recognising our differences, which are hilarious, she reminds us there is much to cherish. 

“Why are men obsessed with balls, sport , cars, braais, beer,  the board room ,  she has the audience in laughter as she explores all the aspects of Boy/Manhood”


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