That’s Mary Steward  (with a ‘d”)… if you found me, you knew that.  Unfortunately others learn about Anglo Saxon history and that wayward Scottish queen while seeking my “web-presence”…, because until now, well it never really existed.
Yay – the dark days are over! Here I am!





“ Steward’s skill as a performer is her engaging warmth and quick wit, she is a raconteur at heart holding her audience from the first word to the last with brilliant characterisation and authenticity”     Learn more...


“Mary is able to maintain the pace and tone of an event while seamlessly allowing flow and keeping her audience entertained and connected to proceedings.”
  Learn more... 

Corporate Theatre

Mary has a knack of interpreting business objectives and crafts pieces that fit appropriately with the target audience to achieve the desired take out.  
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Drawing on her dramatic and corporate experience Mary will personalise a programme to suit a company, groups or an individual.






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